Rusty Bonez debut album presentation at Ilion plus!

3/11/17, we play at Ilion plus, opening for Rusty Bonez, along with Sober on tuxedos!

We’ve been rehearsing in the same studio with those guys (Rusty Bonez) and we had a talk or two about our album’s sound (96/4). Goes maybe a couple of years back. It was when they were to record their own debut album “Wrath” and they were looking for a producer. Now, the time has come for them to present their work and they gave us the honor, along with Sober on tuxedos to be their opening acts! It is always a pleasure to hit the stage and enjoy the sound… plus you once more get a chance to openly stand for your believes! And remember: it’s not true rock if you don’t have a reason to shout about! LIFE ~ PERCEPTION ~ SOUL!

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